6 risky spots to hide jewelry at home

According to experts, approximately $100 million worth of jewelry is stolen every year in the country. It emphasizes the constant threat to these valuables and the need for extra care while safeguarding them. Technological advancements in security systems aim to detect and prevent jewelry theft; however, homeowners must be careful while choosing storage locations for their valuables. Continue reading to find out the most unsafe places to store jewelry at home.


Estimates suggest that over one in four individuals in the country hide their jewelry in the freezer. However, burglars understand this tactic only too well, making freezers a likely target when they break into homes. Further, extremely cold temperatures can damage jewelry. Today, premium jewelry brands like Kay Jewelers offer a wide range of options, from lab-created diamond studs and hoop earrings to sapphire and diamond necklaces. Such pieces typically become treasured heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to another. So, it is crucial to store such jewelry pieces in dry places and avoid risky spots like the freezer.

Toilet tank

Although once considered an ideal spot for hiding jewelry and other valuables, the toilet tank has become a widely known storage location, thanks to movies and TV shows that popularized this concept. Besides being an easy target of burglars, moisture prevalent in such spots poses a risk of tarnishing the jewelry, adding to the risk.


Since drawers are the most basic places to store valuables and jewelry, robbers would likely check these spots first while trying to steal jewelry. Therefore, hiding such precious items inside drawers is not a good idea.

Under the mattress

Many homeowners choose mattresses to hide jewelry as they can easily conceal the items hidden beneath them. However, since this is one of the oldest tricks while storing jewelry, chances are high that mattresses will be one of the spots thieves will check first while looking for jewelry. Besides this, homeowners unknowingly subject their valuables to pressure or friction when hidden beneath the mattress.

CD and DVD cases

Burglars usually empty all the contents of drawers and shelves while looking for jewelry. Thus, CD and DVD cases will likely be emptied during a robbery, so they are not safe spots to hide jewelry.

The jewelry box

The jewelry box is among the worst places to hide jewelry, as it is the most obvious spot that robbers would never dare to miss. Hence, one should never hide jewelry in the jewelry box, even if it is locked properly.