4 common mistakes to avoid when renting a car

With the rising price of hire-cab services, car renting has become the easiest and most economical way to get around, especially on vacation. Despite the obvious benefits of car rentals, many people continue to avoid hiring a car due to the fear of being fleeced by a disreputable company. This confusion can easily be prevented by steering clear of certain simple mistakes people make when renting a car.

1. Hiring from the very first company

One of the biggest mistakes people make when renting a car is not doing enough research and going with the first option they find. This could result in huge losses! Always verify the car rental company before hiring them. Check their online ratings and reviews, and speak to loved ones for recommendations. Before signing the contract, pay attention to the fine print so one does not end up stuck in any sort of shady business.

2. Not covering toll costs

No car rental company offers free toll payments. While some of them may have a car pass or a transponder, these services often come with an added surcharge. It is always better for customers to cover them to avoid paying this extra cost at tolls.

3. Paying for insurance

Many personal car insurance policies and credit cards also provide coverage for car rentals. If this is already covered, paying more money for insurance when renting a car is not necessary!

Before making a decision, one should double-check that the insurance policy offers a primary collision damage waiver and covers the type of car being rented to avoid financial or legal complications later.

4. Ignoring mileage limits

All rental companies have rules regarding mileage limits, that is, the number of miles the car can drive per day (or for the duration of the hire). While these tend to be quite generous, exceeding this number could result in overhead fees or penalties. Pay attention to these limits and drive accordingly to reduce additional costs.