Skip these 5 Mother’s Day gifts this year

Several guides are available to help one choose the perfect gifts for their mothers on occasions like Mother’s Day. It appears that some people still cling to certain old-fashioned (and frankly, frustrating) gift options. Some of these gifts often fail to convey the essence of the present. Mother’s Day is an important day to make moms feel extra loved and appreciated through thoughtful gestures and gifts. Consider exploring innovative yet practical presents that she’ll love.

Cleaning supplies
Mothers have enough on their hands already, and reminding them of their house chores is probably not the nicest thing to do on Mother’s Day. It’s better to skip the cleaning supplies like gloves and detergents. Instead, consider making her work easier by getting her a robot vacuum cleaner so she can truly catch a break.

Macaroni art
Coming from a toddler, this may seem like an adorable gift. However, anyone over the age of ten should steer clear of macaroni art as a gift for their mother. Try experimenting with a handmade card or baking a cake to surprise her.

Nothing screams a last-minute gift quite like some cash. While handing cash to one’s children or grandchildren may seem like an easy solution, don’t try to use the same trick on Mother’s Day. Get creative!

Wrinkle cream
While aging is a natural phenomenon of human life, most people don’t want to be reminded of their visible wrinkles or fine lines. Although well-meaning, a tub of wrinkle cream could easily be misinterpreted as an offensive gift, so it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Needless to say, please make sure to get something for her on Mother’s Day as a token of appreciation for everything she does. One does not need to go overboard— stick to tried-and-tested options like her favorite perfume or makeup product, a piece of jewelry she loves, a nice jacket or sweater, or maybe a fancy new pair of shoes.