4 mistakes to avoid when buying a flower bouquet

Gifting flowers are the perfect way to express your sentiments. Whether you want to wish someone on their birthday, anniversary, or say congratulations, florists and top vendor businesses provide exclusive floral arrangements and delivery services. Did you know that the florist business in the country alone is worth a whopping $5.5 billion this year? However, despite all the knowledge and expertise, people make quite a few mistakes while ordering flower bouquets online.

4 mistakes to avoid when buying a flower bouquet

Not understanding its purpose
Sending flowers is a symbolic gesture in its purest form. Sending flowers with a meaning completely different from what the occasion demands, just because they are pretty, defeats their purpose. For example, roses come in a variety of colors. And each color represents a meaning assigned by society. Red roses are for romantic occasions, white roses represent purity, and dried white roses are for more solemn occasions.

Buying last minute
Florists keep a limited stock of popular occasion bouquets because flowers are perishable goods. So, keep a list of popular florists in the neighborhood and place your order a couple of days early. Custom orders may need to be placed and confirmed weeks in advance if it’s for a special occasion.

Not including a message
Add a handwritten card or place a gift card with a personal note to make the flower bouquet more special. These are delicate details that you might forget in your hurry to get the bouquet prepared and delivered. If it’s a surprise bouquet, ensure you send a message to let the recipient know who sent it.

Giving the wrong details
Even a single error in the delivery address can send the bouquet to the wrong person, or worse, for the wrong occasion completely. Also, you don’t want to have the flowers sent on the wrong date, possibly ruining a celebration. So, ensure all delivery details are correct before having it sent out.

Once you have these basics down, ordering a stunning bouquet online is very simple. If you aren’t sure whom to order from, read on below.

Venus Rose Floral Arrangements
Venus Et Fleur (Venus and Flower) is one of the most popular bands in the flower gifting business. You can order custom bouquets and handcrafted floral arrangements for all special occasions across a variety of flower types.

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