4 side effects of taking excessive vitamin B12 supplements

Many people take vitamin B12 supplements on their own or as prescribed by their doctors. This is because a substantial number of people do not get enough vitamin B12 from their food. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that helps maintain the proper cell metabolism process and rate. However, its excessive intake can cause extra deposition of the vitamin in the body, resulting in associated side effects like the ones mentioned below.

Digestive issues
Overconsumption of vitamin B12 supplements can result in gastrointestinal problems. When the body has an excess amount of the supplement, it can lead to digestive distress. Symptoms can include mild diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion. Individuals who already have gastrointestinal problems or who are older are at a higher risk of developing this side effect.

Excessive consumption of vitamin B12 can worsen insomnia in individuals who already suffer from the condition. When the vitamin levels in the body cross the required amount, it can interfere with the person’s normal sleep cycle. Molecules of vitamin B12 act as an energy booster in the blood. A sudden rise in its level can adversely affect the body’s sleep and rest cycle, leading to insomnia.

Skin rash
Skin rashes are another common sign in patients who have taken too many vitamin B12 supplements. These individuals have a flushed appearance to their skin, and they may also develop welts all over their bodies. Moreover, some patients might also complain about an itching sensation. However, the severity of skin rashes and irritation depends on the amount of vitamin B12 supplement consumed.

In a few cases, individuals who have taken excess vitamin B12 supplements might experience tingling in their extremities. Some might even have a feeling of numbness in their body parts. Generally, excessive consumption of vitamin B12 impacts the patient’s right side of the body. If someone experiences tingling or numbness in their body, with the right side experiencing more severe symptoms than the rest, it can be a sign of high vitamin B12 intake. It is better to speak to a doctor and get the condition checked thoroughly instead of overlooking the problem.