4 tips to get a better deal from a cable company

The TV or internet package deal you signed up for must’ve been attractive at first. But plans change just about every month or year, if not earlier. So, checking for new packages regularly isn’t a bad idea. But cable companies do not always reveal the best plans until the user takes the first step. If you are looking for a better cable deal, here are four tips to make it happen.

Speak to a retention advisor
The ultimate job of a retention advisor is to stop you from canceling your service and moving to another provider. The representative may make you an offer to retain you as a client. You may get offers including a broadband upgrade for the same price, discount movies, or a faster internet plan.

Try all the options
It is possible for a retention advisor not to offer a deal when you call them up. That’s because they might not be authorized to provide you with a better offer. So, don’t be disheartened if one agent turns you down. Instead, speak to another agent via call or chat, check their website, or talk to a third-party distributor for a better deal.

Research competitor deals
Competitors often provide better deals to new customers than the current provider. So conduct thorough research for better packages from a competitor, and ask your provider to match the deal price or give you a better offer. DIRECTV is a popular cable company that offers some of the best deals on cable packages. A popular plan is the Entertainment plan for $64.99/mo (plus tax) when you pick a 12-month contract. Furthermore, if you want a promo code or coupon, the company offers $10/mo off for the first 12 months and a $100 reward card. The terms and conditions are available on the company’s official website.

Go long-term
Many providers will offer better deals if you commit to a long-term contract. For example, if a monthly plan costs about $50, a yearly contract should cost about $30 to $40. But remember, these prices are at the sole discretion of your cable provider.