10 Expected Home Security Deals for Black Friday 2023

Black Friday may be a couple of months away, but it’s best to prepare and plan. While people shop for everything from shoes to furniture and jewelry during this time, home security systems are often overlooked. Besides other essentials, one should invest in security cameras, smart doorbells, and other systems to secure the house against intruders. Based on last year’s trends, here are ten home security deals to expect for Black Friday 2023.

Security cameras and surveillance systems
1. Lorex is a sought-after name for security cameras around Black Friday. When the brand released its first Site Crasher deals, it attracted so many customers that its website actually crashed with the excess traffic! Last sale season, the brand’s 1080p HD Wire-Free Security Systems sold for $149.99 instead of the usual $349.99. Customers can hope for similar savings during Black Friday 2023.

2. Last Black Friday, Arlo announced early deals, with discounts ranging from $20 to $70 per camera and up to $260 on multi-camera bundles. The brand sells security cameras that are easy to set up and is known for hassle-free returns. Further, they offer 24/7 live monitoring, which can be a lifesaver. Those interested in Arlo’s products can visit the official website and check out their offerings.

3. Customers could save up to $90 a Google Nest Cam last Black Friday. Those who purchased multiple cameras could save up to $190. These cameras can be installed both inside and outside the house. They are equipped with intelligent technology to tell the difference between a person, an animal, and a vehicle. What’s more? During an emergency, users can respond to alerts right from the Google Home app!

Home security systems
4. Last year, Wyze introduced a new offer every day of the Black Friday week. They also had Door Buster deals, giving discounts of up to 80% on various products. The brand has a good selection of home security cameras, garage door controllers, and other technologies one can incorporate into their home security system.

5. Arlo released a new security system close to Black Friday last year. Customers enjoyed 20% off this system if they also purchased Arlo cameras and their cart totaled $1,000 or more. One can hope for similar savings this year.

Security lighting
6. Eufy has a broad range of security products on its website, many of which were discounted last Black Friday. For instance, one could purchase two Floodlight Cams for only $499.98, saving $100! Eufy is known to have early bird deals, so shoppers should watch for them.

7. LeonLite is another good brand to track down during the sale. It has practical motion-sensing floodlights that help beef up security around the house after dusk. They currently cost around $40 on Amazon, but Black Friday might bring a good deal.

Smart door locks and doorbells
8. Smart door locks eliminate the need for carrying a key. They have an electronic keypad, which one must use to type in a code and get access. These systems are excellent to filter access to guests, housekeepers, babysitters, or contractors. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (fourth-gen), which usually costs $229, was available for $139.99 at Amazon last Black Friday.

9. Those looking for a Wi-Fi video smart doorbell camera can consider the ALC Wireless Camera AMZ30DB. It currently costs $102 at Walmart, but shoppers can expect a better deal during Black Friday 2023. The device is easy to install and packed with advanced features that let people answer the doorbell anywhere in the world!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
10. The Google Nest Protect is an intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detector with essential features. It can identify both slow and fast-burning fires and be controlled wirelessly. The device triggers voice alerts to indicate which room the danger is in, giving one enough time to investigate the issue before the siren rings. Users can silence the alarm using the user-friendly Nest app or by pressing the central button on its face. Furthermore, the Protect is unique in that it conducts self-tests to ensure everything is functioning correctly, reducing the occurrence of bothersome low-battery chirps while providing valuable notifications to one’s smartphone if something goes wrong. Last Black Friday, shoppers could enjoy up to 50% off Google’s Nest devices; one can hope for similar savings this time.

Those needing security systems for their home can shop during Black Friday to get the best deals. However, one must research well and compare products before deciding.