7 delicious human foods and treats safe for cats

Have you ever wondered what foods are safe to give your pet if you suddenly run out of cat food? Many times, we would imagine it. But not all foods are easy to digest, and several human foods can also be toxic if not prepared and served properly. So here is a list of 7 safe foods that are both nutritious and delicious to tide over those hunger pangs safely.

Cats love fish. And salmon is one of the most nutritious seafood options, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. However, ensure that you don’t feed them any raw bits of fish like sushi or sashimi. Cooked salmon is safe to give and is also one of the easier seafood options to digest. You can also buy cat treats that include cooked pieces of fish commercially sold by brands like Hills, IAMS, and Purina.

Vegetables and fruits
Cooked broccoli, carrots, and green beans are all excellent sources of antioxidants, beta-carotene, and soluble fibers. These essential vitamins and nutrients boost immunity and support better digestion. But ensure no additional seasoning or too many condiments are used in preparing these veggies. You can even give them a few fresh slices of cantaloupes. But remove all the seeds and skin, so there is no risk of choking or accidental poisoning.

Lean meats
Chicken and turkey are among the best cuts of lean meats packed with essential proteins. Cats are carnivores by nature, so it is necessary to feed them some meat to supplement their daily nutrition needs. Both types of meat are the primary ingredients in commercial packaged and sold cat foods. Ensure the skin is removed properly and the chicken or turkey is cooked.

Eggs are a rich source of proteins, essential B vitamins, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. And the best part, eggs can be boiled, poached, scrambled, half fried or even whipped up to make a delicious omelet for your pets to enjoy breakfast by your side. Ensure the eggs are cooked all the way.

It is okay to give a few slices of apple to your cat. But remove the skin, stem, and all the seeds. Cats can digest the fibrous pulp bit of apple slices easily. Apple is a rich fiber and vitamin C source and a filling snack for most adult felines.

Cats and kittens also love milk, and cheese is a byproduct of processed milk. So, as long as it is not heavy, a few bits of cheese can supplement calcium and protein requirements. It’s also a tasty little treat to nibble on but ensure your pet doesn’t suffer from dairy allergies like lactose intolerance.

Whole grains
Oatmeal, corn, polenta, brown rice, barley, millet, and couscous are good whole grains to feed your cat. It is also one of the many ingredients featured in commercially sold cat foods and treats. Only ensure that all types of grains, if large, are cooked and mashed before feeding.

Popular cat food brands
Apart from home-cooked meals, some delicious options are available commercially.

Hills is one of the top brands that manufacture a variety of cat foods and treats for kittens and senior cats with scientifically backed nutrition recipes boasting a balance of best quality ingredients.

IAMS™ is one of the preferred brands for finding wholesome recipes tailored for specific nutrition needs and special food requirements.

Sheeba® offers a variety of cat foods and treats, including premium quality soup broths, meat sticks, and wet cat food recipes.

Explore an eclectic mix of wet/dry cat foods and special formulas for specific nutrition requirements all in one place with 9Lives® premium canned foods. Assorted meat-based recipes are available in individual and variety packs.

Purina® is one of the most popular wet and dry cat food brands with several food preferences. It’s made with quality ingredients and a unique blend of meats and veggies for kittens, adults, and senior cats.