6 things that shouldn’t be cleaned using paper towels

Paper towels help clean up just about any mess, such as a spill, or absorb water on our hands, making them a handy essential. But just because something works doesn’t mean one should use paper towels to clean all surfaces. In fact, using paper towels to clean some things may make them much worse. This article lists the six common items one must never clean with a paper towel.

1. Carpets and rugs
If someone spills a drink on a carpet or rug, they should avoid reaching for a paper towel. It could leave paper residue on the carpet and not thoroughly finish the job. Moreover, scrubbing the stain might make the lint settle deeper into the fiber.

2. Mirrors and windows
Using paper towels on mirrors and windows leaves behind a trail of lint. Instead, one should use a microfiber cloth to get the job done. These are also reusable, which makes them value-for-money products.

3. Brick
If one has to clean brick, a paper towel will shred once the individual starts scrubbing. Instead, one could use an old toothbrush to remove stains from brick, grout, or other textured surfaces.

4. Dusty moldings
Since paper towels are brittle, using them to clean dusty moldings could cause them to wither away in seconds. A wet microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning away any settled dirt. The cloth has to be sturdy enough to hold up to some amount of scrubbing.

5. Electronic devices
Most people are unaware that some paper towels, even the soft ones, are a little abrasive. And using them on electronic devices, such as smartphones, televisions, or computer screens, might lead to scratches on the screen or the body. Alternatively, one should use a microfiber cloth to get the job done.

6. Cutting boards
One should not use a paper towel to soak meat juices from a cutting board. It does not absorb the liquid as well as a clean, damp cloth. One should also apply a disinfectant to the cloth to remove all residue.