5 ways to improve the Wi-Fi router speed

Is your internet connection too slow? With each of us relying on the internet to get our work done, stay connected to the world, and entertain ourselves, a slow connection can sometimes become unnerving. While spending money on a quality router can make a difference, these can often be too expensive. If that’s a stumbling block for you, here are five ways to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi router.

Automate a reboot schedule
Sometimes, rebooting your router is all it takes to get your internet up and running again. If you feel the need to reboot your router too often, you can opt for firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato, which offer timed reboot options.

Invest in a new antenna
Switching your router’s antenna for an amplified aftermarket antenna can also make a massive difference in signal quality and internet speed. Powered and amplified antenna options are available for as low as $15. Another quick fix is to opt for plug-in range extenders, which can be slightly more expensive. Ensure you check your local wireless broadcast laws to keep this range extension within legal limits.

Keep your router updated
One great way of ensuring that your router is performing at its optimal levels is to make sure that it is running the latest firmware and software from the manufacturer.

Experiment with router location
Where you place the router in your home also impacts the quality of your internet connection. Subtle movements around the house can help your router collect and transmit better signals.

Optimize your channel’s settings
Some tools can scan your local airwaves and help you find a channel with the least interference. Switching to these channels from within the router settings is a great way to improve your Wi-Fi router’s speed. You can find the details for this in your device’s documentation or on their online help page.

Apart from these steps, ensure you have changed your router’s original username and password, as hackers can access relatively secure networks with default passwords. Use a strong Wi-Fi password and keep your firmware updated to ensure your device is safe from malicious attacks that can interfere with your access to the router. Although some of these methods may be a little complicated, they can help improve your Wi-Fi router’s speed quickly.

Combining your router setup with exclusive fiber and 5G internet plans can help boost your Wi-Fi connectivity. T-Mobile and AT&T internet are reputed service providers. T-Mobile’s 5G connections start at just $50/month with price lock guarantee. You can also check out AT&T Fiber® plans with speeds up to 1GB starting at $80/month plus taxes for home installation.