5 smartphone habits to stop today

Smartphones are versatile devices that allow you to communicate with people even if they are across the globe. They can also be used to watch a movie on the go, read an e-book, take high-quality photos and videos, and even play games of your liking. But as important as they are, there are some things you should avoid doing when using a smartphone. Here are five smartphone habits to stop today:

Using the phone while walking
You may use your phone to perform multiple tasks. However, it is imperative to do so when you are not on the move. Using the device while walking can distract and endanger you or another individual.

Relying only on GPS
The GPS on a smartphone is exceptional but not always 100% accurate. There are days when your phone may guide you the wrong way or take you to the wrong destination. So sometimes, you should self-navigate by looking at the traffic signs or by seeking directions from a traffic officer.

Scrolling through the smartphone before bed
Most of us tend to scroll through social media or watch content like movies or a web series before sleeping. However, smartphones emit a blue light that suppresses melatonin, a chemical that regulates sleep. Moreover, low levels of melatonin will lead to inadequate rest, restlessness, lack of focus, and other symptoms caused by lack of sleep the following day.

Making long conversations over the phone
Though a phone enables you to speak to another person without meeting them, it may impact your social life. If you speak about things on the phone for hours on end, there might not be much to discuss when you meet in person.

Paying for phone plans without research
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