5 early-bird Black Friday deals to expect

The biggest shopping festival is around the corner, and so is the excitement of ardent shoppers in the hunt for lucrative deals. Even though the official date is on the 25th of November, early-bird offers will be released days before. Accordingly, it is advisable to create your wishlist, get ready with your shopping bags, and start hunting for deals as early as possible. Here are a few pre-Black Friday deals to not miss out!

Top early-bird Black Friday deals

Being the shopping festival of the year, it is hardly surprising that Black Friday brings with it such a massive variety of options for customers. However, this also creates some significant problems for the customers as they cannot grasp which deals are really worth it and which are not.

It is essential to engage in some research work regarding the best early-bird Black Friday sales to avoid exhausting one’s time and energy on unreliable deals and bargains.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

With the new iPhone 13 gracing the market, customers should be ready to bid adieu to the iPhone 12 this Black Friday or before that. Besides that, plenty of attractive deals might be offered for the iPhone 13. But to nab the phone for low prices, customers may be required to exchange their old handset. Furthermore, surfing through different stores and platforms is also recommended for the best offer.

Apple Watch, iPads, and AirPods

Usually notorious for its reluctance to reduce prices, Apple is expected to offer some attractive discounts on AirPods, iPads, and watches this Black Friday. Customers can expect up to $50 on the existing generation 10.2-inch iPad. Besides, the launch of the new Apple Watch 7 is expected to cause a price drop in the Apple Watch Series 6. As far as AirPods are concerned, like the previous Black Friday, this time, too, a significant price drop is expected. An additional $10 to $20 may be cut off from the already reduced price. Early-bird offers may also cover the 2020 MacBook Air.

OLED TVs and 4K TVs

As part of early-bird offers, customers can expect 4K TV offers to often surpass the $300 barrier. However, such panels may not be the best on the market. On the other hand, middle-range 4K HDR panels are expected to experience a price cut of up to $500. You can also check out the 4K OLED TVs, specifically those made by LG, as the 55-inch LG CX price is likely to drop below $1000.


The in-demand noise cancellers by Sony WH-1000XM4 are expected to have a limited but significant early-bird price drop this Black Friday. However, customers may opt for the previous-gen XM3s as the prices may go below $200. Besides, Beats by Dre headphones will also exhibit some significant bargains with the Solo3 Wireless, Studio3 Wireless, and Solo Pro, experiencing substantial price cuts. Furthermore, B&O, B&W, and Bose may be offered at discounted rates too!

Beds and mattresses

November is the month for cheap mattresses, and this Black Friday, prices are likely to face a drop as low as $300 to $500 from notable brands like Purple, Saatva, and Nectar. Expect complimentary pillows, bedding, and mattress covers. However, necessary promo codes have to be applied for the same. So, do not forget to get them from the preferred manufacturer’s website.

In conclusion

This year, Black Friday is expected to stay for quite a long while compared to other years due to the supply chains and shipping issues. So, fasten your seatbelt and get on with this roller coaster ride.

The deals mentioned above are expected to give significant insights into what’s in store for the customers this Black Friday. However, these are just approximations based on past year’s early-bird sales and Black Friday discounts. Keep checking your favorite brands’ websites regularly to be updated on all offers.