4 common beard grooming mistakes to avoid

A well-groomed and healthy beard requires more than just letting it grow wild. It demands attention, care, and the right grooming techniques. While some mistakes may seem harmless at first, they can lead to dry, itchy, and unruly facial hair that detracts from your overall appearance. So without further ado, here is a list of mistakes you must avoid to achieve the impressive and dapper beard you desire.

  • Using regular shampoo
    People often use their hair shampoo as their beard cleanser. It is not as great a strategy as it sounds. Most regular shampoos are formulated to strip the oil from the scalp and degrease the hair. Your facial hair does not need the same treatment. Regular shampoos can leave your hair and skin dry. This will result in coarser, itchier, and drier hair. Instead, swap it for a beard wash or shampoo about twice or thrice weekly for better results. This will prevent over-drying and keep the area clean.
  • Skipping oil
    Of all the tools in your arsenal, the most common mistake you can make is overlooking the beard oil bottle. It costs you in the form of increased itchiness and flaky skin on your cheeks and chin. It seals in moisture and provides the beard with a healthy sheen. Beard itch, wiry hair, dandruff, and sometimes split ends are consequences you might face when you skip over the beard oil. A small dab of this oil after your shower will keep you moisturized and your beard looking healthy.
  • Ignoring the mustache
    Somehow, many people ignore their mustaches when caring for their beards. This can mean you end up with unruly and ungroomed mustaches that could be hiding your lips like the best-kept secret. It is important to regularly wash, trim, and shape the mustache and beard for a properly groomed look.
  • Leaving it uncombed
    Investing in a beard brush might seem like an extra and unnecessary effort. However, the simple act of regular beard brushing can do a handful of things for you. For starters, it will help the beard hair grow in the same direction. Brushing also adds to the softness and shine of the hair. You can use the brush to work the oil or balm into the hair. You can start by brushing your beard every time you wash it to avoid this common beard grooming mistake.