4 best cable service providers in the country

Choosing from the exhaustive list of cable services can get challenging, especially if they have similarly-priced packages. Most services nowadays offer bundle plans that include both cable TV and internet services. So, it is advisable that you compare and check whether it is cheaper or expensive to avail all services from one provider. Key features like cloud backup, on-demand content, exclusive packages, unlimited DVR recording, and above all, good customer support are some of the crucial factors to consider before opting for a subscription.

Keeping these conditions in mind, we have listed key highlights of the 4 best cable services in the country.

  • Spectrum

Spectrum is widely known for its bundled plans, and most of them are flexible, allowing you to choose what services you need streamed. Moreover, it is one of the more affordable services in the country that comes with free installation and monthly savings in DVR services. You end up saving money just by switching from another service to Spectrum TV with a contract buyout feature available with select few plans. Additionally, their One TV-only plan (TV Select) provides access to nearly 46% of the most popular channels if you are only interested in the basic cable TV.

  • Cox Communications

Cox offers a range of customization options for channel packages and bundled internet services. It is truly a great DIY option if you like to install and troubleshoot technology on your own. The customization allows you to pay for only those channels you include in the package for just a small fee that translates into bigger savings in monthly costs. Moreover, customer support is there to assist you with simple fixes that you can do on your own and avoid the hefty cost of calling someone down for repairs unless it is absolutely needed.

  • Optimum

Optimum is one of the best cable services that caters to the entire family. There is something worth subscribing to and paying for everyone with their bundled services. Optimum does have limited availability with just four states being serviced, for the time being, New York being one of the primary locations. One of the key highlights of the service is the simultaneous DVR recording that allows family members to record their favorites. That’s right; you don’t have to pause and switch users to use the DVR feature. There could not have been a more elegant solution that keeps everyone happy.


XFINITY offers up to 260 channels across general and niche viewing categories with services available in 8,444 ZIP codes across 39 states. Talk about nationwide coverage! It is no doubt one of the more widely known and preferred cable services, which offers a variety of channel packages. From basic cable TV with local channels to some of the best sports combos for avid fans, XFINITY provides affordable access to content that is in demand.