Top 6 hottest fashion trends of 2022

Transitioning from WFH fashion is a happy and refreshing change. This also means that we need to do justice to fashion by keeping up with the new and fabulous trends this year offers. While many things have changed, the need for comfort has remained the same. This year’s fashion trends are nothing but cool, comfortable, and yet, incredibly fashionable. Let’s take a look at all the hottest trends in store this year.

1. Cropped cardigans
The vintage-inspired cropped cardigans are super cute and comfortable; no wonder they’re trending right now. They look nothing but fabulous with literally any accompaniment you choose. From jeans and boots to a midi skirt and shorts, they pair great with everything. You can easily find cute cropped cardigans at H&M, Zara, and Mango’s online stores.

2. Puff sleeves
Another vintage trend gaining a fair bit of popularity is puff sleeves. Big names like Fendi are also taking on the trend by creating puff-sleeve dresses and jackets. The great thing about puff sleeves is that it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, be it a grocery run or a dinner, they look fabulous. Pair them with jeans, boots, and a scarf for a relaxed yet casual look.

3. Florals
Nothing reminds us about spring more than beautiful florals. They’re gorgeous and versatile, meaning they can be paired with a ton of different things. A cropped floral tee will rock with skinny jeans, and a cute sundress will pair perfectly with a denim jacket. Moreover, they’re so popular and pretty that everyone from Forever 21 to Bergdorf Goodman and Fendi is creating floral apparel.

4. Pastels
From trousers to joggers and coats, pastels are out there, everywhere. Hues like lemon, purple, and pastel pink are popular and easy to pair with almost anything. You can mix and match them with various colors, including black, blue, or different shades of pastel itself. You can find new and different styles of clothing in multiple online stores.

5. Shackets and slip dresses
What can be better than a comfy shift or a jacket? A shacket. It is a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket, making it oversized, comfortable, and fashionable. Pair them with jeans, shorts, or even boots for a trendy winter look. As they’re growing popular, they have begun appearing in leading online retail stores like H&M, Shein, and Mango.

Slip dresses are carefully crafted versatile fashion pieces you can style in multiple ways to achieve different looks. Slip dresses are simple yet elegant and offered by various brands including ANINE BING. One of the best things about ANINE BING’s slip dresses is that you can accessorize them with your choice of minimalist jewelry and bold makeup for a chic look. And if you are willing to try something different, pair your slip dress with a long blazer or your favorite sweatshirt.

6. Jumpsuits
Another hottest fashion trend is jumpsuits. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or simple, a jumpsuit might be a perfect addition to your closet. These come in a variety of materials like denim, leather, corduroy, and cotton. Jumpsuits are quite a fad among celebs too. In recent fashion shows, a lot of them were spotted wearing the 70s-style jumpsuit with plunging neckline and wide pants. One of the popular choices are the Alice + Olivia jumpsuits. Designed by New Yorker Stacey Bendet, these jumpsuits are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Alice + Olivia was launched in 2002 and has its presence in various countries. It’s a favorite among stars like Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gigi Hadid, among others.

Apart from these trends, high-rise leggings with side pockets have been taking athleisure apparel fashion into a new direction. The trend has been piquing interest among everyone from fitness enthusiasts to people transitioning out of their WFM baggy avatars. And don’t even get us started on how much we love the side pockets! They are deep enough to carry smartphones, keys, and AirPods. You can shop for high-rise leggings from brands like Puma, Lululemon, ASOS, and Gymshark.

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