8 foods that help manage symptoms of menopause

Menopause is a natural event in a woman’s life as their menstrual cycles come to an end. The phenomenon leads to a reduction in the estrogen hormone, which may affect one’s metabolism. The changes may also lead to declining bone density, hot flashes, and irregular sleep patterns. The symptoms of menopause may sometimes last for years. Therefore, women must follow a proper meal plan to cope and manage during the transition.

Fatty fish like salmon are known for their heart-healthy properties called omega-3 fatty acids. These acids can improve an individual’s mood and brain function. The properties can also keep blood pressure levels in check and regulate symptoms like hot flashes.

Vegetables like broccoli are beneficial for the human body in several ways, including managing the symptoms of menopause. Broccoli contains calcium, which is known to build bone strength. It can also improve estrogen levels responsible for curbing the risk of breast cancer.

Eggs are flush with vitamin D and iron, essential for women going through menopause. The food also contains healthy proteins known to reduce cholesterol levels and curb the risk of heart disease.

Adding whole grains such as oatmeal to a meal plan can boost the fiber levels in one’s body. Eating the food may help manage symptoms of menopause by lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, and preventing constipation.

Olive oil
One should consider using olive oil instead of regular cooking oil because it has certain fats that manage hormone levels, appetite, vitamin absorption, and insulin response. It makes olive oil essential for women experiencing menopause and the symptoms associated with the condition.

Including plant-based protein sources in regular meals like soybeans may help reduce symptoms like inflammation and oxidative stress. The legume is also beneficial for ovarian function as it may delay the onset of early menopause and improve female reproductive function.

Women going through menopause should eat low-fat dairy products like yogurt to counter its effects. In addition, the food contains proteins, which help prevent the risk of osteoporosis by improving bone density previously affected by low estrogen levels.

Grilled chicken
Another way to manage the symptoms of menopause includes eating grilled chicken. The food contains lean proteins, which may help improve muscle mass and bone strength in women faced with menopause.