7 simple exercises for a fitness routine

Staying fit has become a popular trend among several individuals. However, when one exercises for the first time, it is tough to understand where to begin. Indulging in strenuous activities may adversely affect the body and result in injuries. Instead, one must start with some basic training. Here are seven simple exercises to help you create your fitness routine. We also recommend speaking to a healthcare professional before trying these workouts.

Squats are a strength-training exercise focusing on muscle groups, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glute muscles. Its multiple muscle engagement also helps burn more calories.

Lunges are another simple, all-around routine that helps challenge the body’s balance. Moreover, engaging in this workout helps build glute and leg muscle strength.

Planks are the ideal exercise to try if you have considered toning the abdominal muscles. The routine helps stabilize and build abs, shoulders, and the core without applying excessive strain on the back.

This exercise is one of the most common methods most individuals can try at home. And as simple as the routine may seem, the activity targets several regions of the body at once, making it worthwhile and effective. Each set of push-ups you complete will benefit your chest, shoulder, tricep muscles, and core.

In a pull-up, you must pull your body upwards with the help of a crossbar. With each repetition, your biceps, forearms, wrists, shoulder, triceps, and core are stretched, which improves their strength.

A burpee is a popular form of full-body exercise. The activity focuses on your cardiovascular endurance and also helps improve muscle strength. Burpees take significantly more energy than other exercises. So take it one step at a time.

Apart from indulging in the exercises above, walking is another simple method of keeping the muscles healthy. For example, treading outdoors for about 30 minutes or more daily can significantly improve your overall fitness.