5 tips for clearing mucus in the throat

When one breathes, dust, viruses, and allergens, debris sticks into one’s nasal mucus and passes out of the system. Sometimes, the body can have excessive throat mucus. It demands frequent cleaning. The mucus guards the respiratory system with filtration and lubrication, but the excess build-up is not good. So, keep reading as we unveil some top tips to get rid of mucus in the throat.

Keep the air moist
Dry air primarily irritates the throat and the nose, resulting in more mucus formation for lubrication. Installing a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom can amplify the sleep quality by keeping the nose clear and reducing the chances of sore throat.

Consume a lot of fluids
Our body must be hydrated to ensure the mucus is thin. When a person has a cold or is sick, he must drink extra fluids. It will thin the mucus and drain the sinuses. Further, those susceptible to allergies may also find that staying hydrated lowers the congestion in the body.

Use saline or gargle salt water
Gargling with warm salt water can help remove mucus in the back of the throat. It also soothes the sore throat. For gargling salt water, follow the steps below:

  • Take a cup of water. Add ½ to ¾ teaspoon of salt to it. Lukewarm water works best, as it helps dissolve the salt faster. One can also use bottled or filtered water that has no irritating chlorine.
  • Sit the mixture and tilt the head backward slightly.
  • Let this mixture wash into the throat without gulping it in.
  • Slowly blow air upwards from the lungs to gargle for about a minute.
  • Spit out the water.
  • Repeat as required

Alternatively, use saline as an effective alternative to thin mucus. Saline is a saltwater solution. One can use it in a Neti pot or a nasal spray.

Drink ginger tea
Ginger is a natural antihistamine and a decongestant. Ginger’s antibacterial and antiviral properties ease congestion in the chest by drying the excess mucus and removing its build-up. Consuming ginger tea a few times daily can help get rid of mucus.

Cayenne pepper
Excessive mucus and cough can be eliminated using cayenne pepper. It contains capsaicin, which helps thin the mucus.

Keep the head tilted at night
Sleeping with extra pillows to elevate the chest and head can also help drain the phlegm from the sinuses and ensure it does not accumulate at the back of the throat. It can also help lower congestion and prevent coughing.