5 things to never buy on a cruise

There are several reasons why travelers may want to go shopping while on a cruise ship. After all, the wide variety of products available aboard, the possibility that they may have left certain essentials at home, the duty-free signage, and other reasons can naturally tempt people into splurging when they travel. While shopping during a voyage is not a bad idea per se, there are certain things one must never buy on a cruise, including:

Water bottles
Buyers should avoid buying water bottles as they are overpriced aboard. If they do so, travelers may spend four dollars more per bottle purchased on a cruise. The ideal alternative would be bringing a refillable water bottle from home.

Mobile phones
Electronic gadget like mobile phone is also something to never buy on a cruise ship. For example, if a traveler buys a mobile phone on a cruise, they will face problems when they try to return it, replace it, look for a warranty, or face any other post-purchase maintenance issue. This problem is magnified if their phone has hidden software or hardware defects that may come to light weeks later.

Daily essentials such as shampoos, bathing soaps, or toothpaste are also heavily overpriced onboard a cruise ship. Buyers will find toiletries priced much more reasonably in ports or regular stores at their destination. Obviously, stocking the travel suitcase with the required toiletries during a cruise trip is a wise alternative.

Photo packages
Smartphones have powerful and effective cameras, so travelers do not need to purchase on-cruise photos or photo packages. Such packages are also absurdly overpriced, with each photo sold for about $20 to $30, while packages come for $200 to $300 each. While sellers onboard will try their best to convince travelers that they need photos or packages, they are definitely among the things to never buy on a cruise.

Precious gems such as diamonds must be carefully checked for authenticity during a purchase. On a cruise, doing this verification may not be possible. So, there is a good chance that a traveler spending thousands of dollars on a diamond jewelry set may later discover that it is fake.

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