5 things to know about Penske Truck rentals

Penske Trucks is one of the most popular and reliable rental companies when it comes to rental trucks. Whether it is for personal or commercial use, this tucking company ensures to provide fuel-efficient and clean moving trucks that are ever-ready to go at any pickup time. If you are planning to rent a truck from Penske Trucks, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions to know about.

Eligibility criteria to drive Penske trucks
The age eligibility is the legal driving age, which is 18 years. In order to drive a Penske truck, a person must provide any two of the following documents – driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, social security card, vehicle registration, phone bill, military ID, and credit card. No special license is required.

Types of Penske trucks available for personal rental
There are five types of trucks offered by Penske for personal rental. These include a high-roof cargo van, 12-foot truck, 16-foot truck, 22-foot truck, and 26-foot truck. The loading space ranges from 404cu.ft to 1700cu.ft, with seating options ranging between 2-person bucket and 3-person bench. In addition, the room capacity depends on the size of the truck; the high roof cargo van has one room capacity, while the 26-foot truck has 5-7 rooms capacity.

Rental truck locations
Penske trucks are available across all 50 states, including Washington DC, in the USA. Services are not available in Alaska and Hawaii. Customers can choose any location for pickup and drop-off in the 50 states.

Rates and discounts
The rates offered by Penske Rental are based on several factors, such as customer demand and equipment supply. Since these factors can fluctuate every day, the rates for Penske trucks also keep changing on a daily basis. However, the company offers several discounts. Military discounts are offered to active duty as well as veterans. Moreover, students moving to college are offered a nearly 10 percent discount without any underage surcharges.

Road assistance
Penske offers 24/7 road assistance all year-round. In the case of fluid leakage, flat tire, mechanical problems, or any other issues with the truck that may be encountered on the road, the assistance team is available directly through calls. Moreover, Penske Rental has an extensive service network that works seamlessly to ensure that your rental truck gets back on the road at the earliest.