5 plants that repel ticks effectively

People with pets in their house have one thing common to worry about – tick or lice infestation. Particularly during summers when the chances of flea and tick infestations increase. Your backyard can turn dangerous for your pets. But the solution for this is simple. You can protect your pets by growing any of the below-listed plants. These act as effective flea and tick repellants. They can repel fleas and ticks due to their scent.

The plant belongs to the mint family and is quite useful in fending off bloodsucking parasites like ticks and mites from your backyard. Planting lavender in your backyard or home garden will keep your pets and your house protected from any pest infestation.

Among its many uses, this herb is also effective in warding off pests and ticks from your house. Pet owners can also make a tick-repellant spray by using rosemary oil and water in equal parts. This spray is perfectly safe and can be used on your pet’s fur.

It’s a wild plant that grows almost everywhere. Wormwood’s smell and the chemicals it produces are known to repel ticks. It is also known for its signature bitter taste that animals hate. This makes it a great plant to be planted in your backyard as it repels ticks and lice. Wormwood also protects your house from mice and other rodents at the same time.

Sage is yet another common houseplant that is widely used for repelling pests and insects from your house. This plant has a powerful scent and can be used on pets due to its natural cleaning properties.

It is known for its beautiful blossoming flowers as well as for its ability to repel insects from your pets and house. You can plant these in your balconies and backyards as they can be easily grown and look beautiful because of their vibrant color.

While the plants mentioned above are effective in warding off ticks and fleas, it is important to be aware of clinical options for effective treatment. Simparica® is one such option that can help prevent a flea and tick infestation in dogs. It is a chewable that remains effective for up to 35 days. NexGard® is another type of chewable that can be given to dogs that are eight weeks young and weigh four pounds. K9 Advantix® II is a treatment option known to kill fleas within 12 hours. Other options include Bravecto®, which provides protection for approximately 12 weeks. HEARTGARD® can be used to manage heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms in dogs.