5 perfume mistakes to steer clear of

Your perfume is one of the strongest factors that can help you make a great first impression. This is aside from your etiquette and how you present yourself. A pleasant fragrance strengthens memories, but the more significant battle is finding your signature scent. That is before you start repurchasing and using it. Once you get used to it, it is time to avoid a few of the perfume mistakes you could make. Some of them are:

Skipping moisturizer
Moisturized skin can provide a better capacity for fragrances to stay long for the day. It provides the perfume particles with something they can cling to, resulting in a long-lasting perfume. So, if you want to improve the sillage of your perfumes, use a lotion or body moisturizer right before spritzing. This will save you from spritzing repeatedly and running out of your signature fragrance sooner.

Shaking the bottle before using it
Good quality fragrances are a perfect mixture and do not need to be shaken before use. Some people will advise you to mix the contents well before using it. However, leaving the perfume bottle undisturbed is better. This way, you aren’t altering its composition by forcing more air to dilute the scent.

Improper storage
Storing perfumes incorrectly can impact their fragrance. The chemical bonds in the liquid modify when exposed to high or low temperatures. Ideally, perfumes need to be stored at room temperature to work consistently well. This also means not storing your fragrance bottles in the bathroom and protecting them from direct sunlight.

Not knowing where to apply
Did you know that your body heat enhances scents? Many spritz perfumes and fragrances on clothes, thereby ruining the fabrics. However, spray it on the inside of your wrists, chest, and behind the ears for a better aroma and to make it last longer.

Air spraying
Contrary to popular belief, spraying your fragrance in the air is useless. You only spray the fragrance particles into the air and hair, harming your gorgeous mane. If that is what you were aiming for, get a hair perfume that won’t damage your hair.