5 essential steps to install a gas line

Installing a gas line at home is a detailed process that needs to be executed correctly. Therefore, there are a couple of things that one needs to get right from the beginning to prevent any mishaps. For example, using the wrong pipe can hamper the entire process and result in an installation without functionality. So here are certain steps one can keep in mind to ensure that the quality of installation is met.

Turn off the gas supply
Before starting a new pipe installation, it is essential to turn off the existing supply. This needs to be done at the gas meter. Furthermore, ensure it is turned off completely by turning the valve a quarter turn. Double-check to see that the meter isn’t moving.

Get the right pipes and fittings
When purchasing a gas pipe, it isn’t about buying from a reputable brand but also picking the ideal size. Most domestic gas lines use 1.27 cm to 3.81 cm pipes. However, various cities have different pipeline installation materials, sizes, and specifications. Therefore, consult a standard company to where the building belongs before purchasing.

Extend the existing line and make the connection
The next step involves extending the existing gas line with the new fittings, including valves and pipe lengths, to ensure the pipeline reaches the new appliance. Also, coat the pipe ends using pipe dope to ensure an airtight fitting. Once the extension process is complete, connect the gas line to the appliance. Also, consider using a flexible pipe, as these are easier to connect.

Inspect the installation
Once you connect the pipe to the appliance, check if it is installed correctly. To do this, you need to spread the liquid over the seams of the gas line. You can identify a leak if bubbles start to form. Such leaks must be dealt with immediately to avoid any potential accidents.

Turn on the gas
Once the pipeline is fit appropriately, adjust the valve to allow gas flow. Finally, test if the gas flows properly to the appliance. If you are uncertain about an installation, hire a professional to get the job done.