5 common electrical mistakes homeowners should avoid

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Regarding essential services like electrical and plumbing, taking the DIY route may sound attractive, but it can have serious consequences. For example, a shoddy electrical installation can lead to short circuits, shocks, and even fires, posing a risk to life and property. Therefore, to create a safer home and avert disaster, homeowners should avoid these five common electrical mistakes:

Overloading circuits
Professional electricians have the right equipment to test electrical load capacity for circuits. All circuits have a maximum potential for the energy output they can support, and overloading them can lead to a fire hazard.

Faulty wire connections
Faulty or incorrect wire connections are the most common home electrical mistake one will come across. Examples of faulty wire connections include using the wrong conduit fitting, cutting the wire too short, skipping the wire nut, or not bonding metal wires properly. These mistakes can result in loose connections that create short circuits, wreaking havoc on the appliances.

Unsecured outlets
The receptacles or switches need to be firmly attached. Leaving them loose could result in electrical arcing (when electricity jumps from one connection to the other), which could cause the outlet to stop working or pose a fire hazard.

Not using a junction box
Junction boxes secure fragile wiring connections and prevent contact between terminals and live wires. They are an essential part of the electrical system. Professional electricians are best equipped to manage and update these boxes.

Mixing wire gauges
When working on DIY projects, people often make mistakes with selecting wire gauges. Although the wires look alike, they are meant to handle different outputs. For example, choosing the wrong wire gauge can overload the box and lead to damaged appliances or electrical fires.

Another mistake that most people make is not getting a warranty to cover the appliances at home. These protection plans offer coverage for home appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, cooling equipment, and built-in microwaves. Some of the best home warranty companies you could consider are American Home Shield, Liberty Home Guard, and AFC Home Club.

Hiring a professional electrician can help one avoid these common electrical mistakes and create a safer home for their loved ones.

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