4 everyday activities that result in weaker eyesight

4 everyday activities that result in weaker eyesight

We are aware of more than a few things that can cause our eyesight to dwindle. One of these major factors is aging. However, there are some day-to-day choices and activities we partake in that are slowly but surely impacting our eyesight. This article talks about some obvious and some not so obvious things that land us in the office of an Ophthalmologist, at some point. Make sure that you make an effort to avoid making the same mistakes after reading this

The staring game

Extended screen time is a norm in today’s world. The majority of the population spends time looking into the huge void of screens be it their computers, phones, or televisions. This community of pixels on our screen emits blue rays. While these rays are not as harsh on the eyes as UV rays, they have a better penetrative range and can end up causing deeper damage. Other side-effects of extended screen time include dry eyes, pricking of eyes, strained eyesight, and headaches that can result in progressive worsening of the condition.

Rub rub rub

Rubbing your eyes can be a knee-jerk reaction for people dealing with dry eyes. Its also difficult to control the urge when allergies trigger itchy eyes. However, this auto-response can end up damaging the cornea with increased pressure on the eyes. The damage is also directly proportional to the frequency with which we succumb to this urge. A better option is to cover the eyes with a damp towel.


We often end up treating sunglasses as a fashion accessory more than a necessity. While there is nothing wrong with pairing them up in accordance with our daily outfits. It is equally essential to choose them based on the protection they provide. For example, smaller framed sunglasses fail to provide optimal protection. Similarly, the price tag isn’t a guarantee of the protection our favorite pair lends us. Their effectiveness is determined by their UV protective ability as opposed to the darkness of their shades.

Poor eating habits

Food with lackluster nourishment and a high quantity of additives and preservatives is one of the contributing factors to damage of eyesight. Although the impact of imbalanced meals might not be as pronounced as it is on other organs, eye health does suffer from it. Poor food choices can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, and the onset of macular degeneration. All of which are factors that impact eye health.




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