4 common golf mistakes and tips to fix them

Golf is a sport that demands attention to detail, precision, patience, and strategy. Learning to play golf well is a journey, and making mistakes is an inevitable part of the process. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, it is important to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder one’s progress on the course. Understanding and rectifying these mistakes can enhance one’s game and enrich one’s overall experience of playing the sport.

Overlooking pre-shot routine
Developing a consistent pre-shot routine is essential for focus and consistency in golf. Many golfers neglect this aspect, leading to rushed and erratic swings. It’s best to take one’s time to visualize the shot, select the appropriate club, and address the ball with a deliberate routine. This will help one to get into the right mindset and establish a rhythm for each shot. By incorporating a pre-shot routine, one will also enhance one’s focus and performance over time.

Neglecting short game practice
While hitting long drives can be exhilarating, neglecting the short game can harm one’s overall score. Putting, chipping, and pitching requires finesse and accuracy, accounting for a significant portion of shots played in a round. One can set aside time for regular short-game practice to hone one’s skills in these areas, improve technique, work on distance control, and practice different shots.

Always aiming at the flag
While aiming at the flag may seem like the obvious choice in golf, it can hinder one’s performance. The flag is usually located at the center of the green, which may require risky shots over hazards. Instead, it’s better to consider the flag’s position and play strategically. Assess the distance, evaluate the pin placement, and aim for a spot on the green that ensures a safer shot and a better position.

Improper stance
An incorrect stance in golf can harm one’s swing. Common mistakes include a narrow base, misaligned feet, and inconsistent posture. To fix this, one must maintain a shoulder-width stance, a straight back with weight evenly distributed on both feet and keep a balanced posture with slight knee flex. A proper stance provides stability, better ball-striking, and improves accuracy.