3 RV renting mistakes and how to avoid them

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are becoming popular as more people are realizing the importance of private, luxurious travel. RVs are often considered mobile homes on wheels, offering facilities to make trips comfortable, including living rooms and kitchens. So, they help save money on booking stays while traveling. But as buying an RV is expensive, renting one is now a popular alternative. However, to get the best deal on a rental RV, one should avoid certain mistakes.

1. Skipping inspection
Even if one is renting an RV for a short trip, a damaged vehicle can ruin the vacation. That’s why one should inspect an RV thoroughly before renting it, checking for any cracks, plumbing issues, rust, corrosion, and other issues. It’s also important to check with the RV owner when the vehicle had last undergone maintenance. This can help one understand whether the RV has been maintained and is in a good enough condition to be used for long-distance travel.

2. Overlooking the size
The size of the RV being rented is an essential factor to consider, as excessively large RVs may be difficult to drive and require more frequent fuel refills, whereas tiny RVs might not be comfortable for occupants. Also, as traveling with RVs means making multiple halts and setting up camp, buying an RV of the right size can help one avoid parking issues.

3. Not setting a budget
The cost of an RV rental may differ based on the size of the RV, its brand and model, the season during which one is renting the vehicle (rentals may be more expensive during peak travel seasons), and other factors. One should set a budget taking such factors into account. With a budget, one can plan better for the trip and avoid a financial crunch.

Renting an RV can help one save money while enjoying absolute privacy and spending time with co-travelers. Spending some time researching the ideal RV size, a background check of the renter, and a clear budget limit can help ease this process.